Our global platform delivers the end-to-end Ksubaka service to brands, retailers, data analysts and campaign managers. It supports our in-house and our external studios in their development of the gamified branded experiences, and it supports all of the 3rd party teams that manage the installation and maintenance of our global network of playSpots

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Overview of how Ksubaka

Studios, brands and content providers

Our SDK is used by dozens of companies to develop high definition 3D content that can run on our powerful fleet of Android tablets (Quadcore CPU and powerful GPU) supporting the latest game technologies.

Purpose built tablet platform

We have direct relationships with manufacturers to source powerful tablets to support the Ksubaka experience. We have full control over our own flavor of Android, customized to meet our demanding requirements of 100% uptime service of our store-embedded systems. Beyond the advanced networking layers the team has a suite of apps to enable full management, remote control and monitoring of the fleet.

Big data analytics

Our cloud-based Splunk implementation supports analytics on large data sets of business critical information. We mine usage, demographics, geo-location, user surveys, live fleet status and trends to adjust performance, campaigns and infrastructure in real time. These analytics drive secure interactive dashboards and maps for brands and retailers.

Scalable back end

The core intelligence of the Ksubaka platform is built upon an event driven architecture to facilitate automatics horizontal scaling across a distributed infrastructure – 100% cloud based. We use algorithmic innovations to optimize content allocation across the fleet of screens.

Tools Ksubaka

Consumer grade web-based tools for fleet management

We use responsive web design and latest APIs to develop and maintain consumer grade applications that are used globally by multiple 3rd parties to support and roll-out and maintenance of our fleet of playSpots.

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